Ashby De La Zouch, Leicestershire


This media centre is a masterful blend of modern and classic design elements, featuring pristine, clean lines and a sleek surface beneath the television that speaks to its contemporary sensibilities. The traditional influence is gracefully evident in its Shaker-style in-frame construction, adding a touch of timeless craftsmanship and visual depth to the overall aesthetic.

Finished in the distinctive De Nimes hue by Farrow & Ball, a sophisticated, muted blue-grey tone lends itself to a tranquil and refined atmosphere, harmonising seamlessly with the room’s neutral palette and the natural stone tile flooring. The thoughtful design offers a pleasing balance between functionality and aesthetic appeal, featuring glass-fronted cabinets perfect for displaying cherished items and open shelving that provide an easily accessible home for books and décor.

Bespoke Kitchen ashby de la zouch


Functionality is at the core of this media centre’s design, with a central compartment that neatly frames the television, creating an engaging entertainment focal point. Below, well-crafted cabinetry conceals ample storage, ensuring a tidy and organised living space. This piece not only caters to the technical demands of a home theatre system but does so with a timeless style that integrates smooth lines with traditional panel moulding and classic hardware. It’s a versatile, stylish, and practical addition to any home, promising to maintain its charm and utility for years to come. 

This stunning media centre/living space forms part of a wider project to transform our Ashby de la Zouch client’s home. You can take a look at the gorgeous kitchen we created for them by clicking the button below…